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PulsePro PEMF Infrared Mat

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The perfect recovery pain relief treatment


PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) sends electromagnetic waves through your body to help promote your body’s own recovery process

PEMF waves are delivered in small bursts at a low-frequency, mimicking the same kind of electromagnetic waves you’d find in nature. The longer you use it – both over time and during your session – the  more you will feel the long-term benefits

The PEMF technology used in the Mat is based on optimized frequency, intensity and wave type of synergy with the other therapies which are part of the mat design; Far Infrared therapy, Negative Ion Therapy and Crystal Therapy

Far infrared light is thermal light used to heat your body from the inside out. It can penetrate human tissue, cells and organs more easily than conventional heat, promoting deeper detoxification at lower temperatures encourage whole body relaxation

The carbon fiber heating wire is composed of composite materials. Stronger than steel, less dense that aluminium, heat-resistant, thermally conductive, safe and reliable

PEMF Layer

PEMF technology mimics the healing vibrations of the Earth, enhancing the body’s natural recovery process, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, relieving stress and promoting deeper sleep


Benefits Include:

  • Aids in recovery and pre/post workout uses
  • Reduce inflammation: Waves travel well over 2 inches below the skin to heal injury and reduce inflammation. Promotes healing by bringing oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues
  • Effective relief: targets upper and lower back, hamstrings, shoulders and arms penetrating deeply for relief. Relieves joint pain, muscle pain and muscle stiffness
  • Promote cell growth: increasing infrared radiation into your body, your energy to grow and re-grow cells increase and get nutrients to repair themselves. Promoting cellular function and rejuvenation of the skin
  • Support sleep: crystal gemstone emits heat that helps you calm your body. A relaxed and calm body will fall asleep easily and much better. For a healthier deeper sleep
  • Enhanced blood circulation: nature’s best conductor, crystal gemstone and heat effects the speed of blood circulation, strengthening the cardiovascular system
  • Improved body fluids circulation: far infrared radiation increases your blood vessels flexibility, creating blood cells to circulate better
  • Sweat out toxins: infrared heat can help sweat out toxins and generate hormesis, a type of temporary stress that can have a positive impact on our overall health, promoting the removal of waste and toxins
  • Increase anti-oxidant activity and fight bacteria giving a boost to the immune system
  • Burns calories and aids in weight control
  • Energy and vitality: calm the body and eases your mind and soul, decreasing the brains hyperactivity giving a boost to your energy and vitality


Treating time: 10-30 mins

Temperature setting: 30-80 degrees Celsius

Set your PEMF Mat

  • Choose a suitable surface and roll out the mat
  • Power up the device
  • Select desired duration
  • Select desired temperature
  • Lay back and relax


For beginners – 5-10 minutes sessions

For advanced users – 10-30 minutes


We advise staying on an infrared mat for no longer than 30 minutes