Benefits of Recovery Equipment

PulsePro Compression Boots

Compression boots offer several benefits for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Better Blood Flow: Compression therapy help improve blood flow by applying gentle pressure to the legs. This can assist in moving blood back to the heart, especially when sitting of standing for long periods

Prevention and Treatment of Varicose Veins: Compression therapy can help reduce discomfort and swelling associated with varicose veins. They may also aid in preventing the development of new varicose veins

Reduced Swelling: Compression therapy can prevent fluid from leaking out of small blood vessels in the legs. Helping to prevent swelling when sitting or standing for extended periods

Decreased Inflammation and Muscle Tension: The use of compression therapy can help decrease inflammation and muscle tension. This can be beneficial for recovery after intense workouts or physical activity

Faster Recovery Time: Compression therapy can aid in reducing recovery time by improving blood circulation and reducing muscle soreness

Increased Range of Motion and Flexibility: Compression therapy may help increase range of motion and flexibility in the legs



Post-Workout Routine

Using compression boots immediately after exercise can provide significant benefits. Incorporating a session of 20-30 minutes within two hours of completing your workout can help kickstart the recovery process by flushing out metabolic by-products and reducing inflammation. This post-workout application is particularly useful for athletes aiming to minimize muscle damage and soreness

Active Recovery Days

On days dedicated to active recovery or low-impact workouts, including a session with compression boots can amplify the benefits of your training. By enhancing circulation and increasing nutrient delivery, compression boots can aid in the removal of lactic acid and promote muscle repair. Utilise compression boots for 20-30 minutes during these days to accelerate recovery and prepare your body for the upcoming challenges

Intense Training Phases

During periods of intensified training or when pushing your physical limits, increasing the frequency of compression boot sessions can be advantageous. By incorporating 2-3 sessions per day, ranging from 15-30 minutes each, you can enhance blood flow, reduce muscle stiffness and combat the cumulative effects of demanding workouts. However, it’s essential to listen to your body and ensure you’re not overtaxing your muscles or causing discomfort


PulsePro PEMF Infrared Mat

Aids in recovery and pre/post workout uses

Reduce inflammation: Waves travel well over 2 inches below the skin to heal injury and reduce inflammation. Promotes healing by bringing oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues

Effective relief: targets upper and lower back, hamstrings, shoulders and arms penetrating deeply for relief. Relieves joint pain, muscle pain and muscle stiffness

Promote cell growth: increasing infrared radiation into your body, your energy to grow and re-grow cells increase and get nutrients to repair themselves. Promoting cellular function and rejuvenation of the skin

Support sleep: crystal gemstone emits heat that helps you calm your body. A relaxed and calm body will fall asleep easily and much better. For a healthier deeper sleep

Enhanced blood circulation: nature’s best conductor, crystal gemstone and heat effects the speed of blood circulation, strengthening the cardiovascular system

Improved body fluids circulation: far infrared radiation increases your blood vessels flexibility, creating blood cells to circulate better

Sweat out toxins: infrared heat can help sweat out toxins and generate hormesis, a type of temporary stress that can have a positive impact on our overall health, promoting the removal of waste and toxins

Increase anti-oxidant activity and fight bacteria giving a boost to the immune system

Burns calories and aids in weight control

Energy and vitality: calm the body and eases your mind and soul, decreasing the brains hyperactivity giving a boost to your energy and vitality


Treating time: 10-30 mins

Temperature setting: 30-80 degrees Celsius

Set your PEMF Mat

  • Choose a suitable surface and roll out the mat
  • Power up the device
  • Select desired duration
  • Select desired temperature
  • Lay back and relax


For beginners – 5-10 minutes sessions

For advanced users – 10-30 minutes

We advise staying on an infrared mat for no longer than 30 minutes


PulsePro Ice Bath

During a training session, your muscles burn fuel and that creates a build-up of toxic waste products and lactic acids. Your body will naturally eliminate these waste products over a day or two however ice baths can reduce this recovery time to hours

An automatic process begins to restore your body’s core temperature to safe levels by increasing blood flow and withdrawing most of the blood from your skin and outer soft tissue and muscles into the core of your body via your internal organs.

This introduces fresh oxygenated blood and flushes the dangerous toxins and waste products quickly and effectively, much faster than the natural process. This eliminates the soreness related to exercise and speeds up your muscle recovery process

This response release hormesis, positive stressors that cause the body to push beyond its comfort level and adapt physically and cognitively. Creating the right balance and increase the levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine and feel-good serotonin promoting a mood lift and mental state

Taking post workout ice baths definitely wakes the body up at that moment but the nocturnal core body temperature, sleep and heart rate variability promotes in better sleep quality

When you get out of an ice bath, your blood vessels dilate, or re-open, increasing circulation. The nutrient-rich blood flow to your muscles may help remove metabolic waste that builds up during exercise.

Aid in muscle recovery and cellular energy. Increase in muscle strength, reduced muscles soreness and recovery. Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

Injury prevention. The drop in temperature reduces creatine kinases (enzymes released when muscle cells are damaged) reducing the effects of an injury

Reduced inflammation in the body and muscles, cold temperatures narrow your blood vessels. This decreases blood flow to your muscles, which may reduce inflammation and swelling

Improved skin, blood vessels in the skin do constrict with cold exposure, which starts to signal to promote blood circulation, then when getting out of the cold, your vessels dilate, giving your skin a glow, due to this over time and regular ice baths it will reduce skin inflammation and wrinkle appearance


Time & Duration

The earliest you get into an ice bath after a workout or competition, the better effects it will have in your body. Ideally, you should immerse yourself right after a training session and stay up to 10-15 minutes



Focus on taking deep, controlled breaths and maintain long slow and solid inhales and exhales. This will assist you to get the most out of your recovery sessions and the maximum health, fitness and immunity benefits