User guide

Massage Guns

Turn on the device. Take your PulsePro Massage gun out of the carry case and hold in the power button until you hear a click (the lights will come on). The device is fully charged if there are three lights that came on.

Select Massage head. Select the appropriate attachment head and firmly press it into the device. For beginners and personal use, it is advisable to use the larger attachments (such as the round ball or broad flat heads). For practitioners and elite athletes, the trigger point head and duel Para spinal head can be used.

Choose the desired intensity: We advise you start with the lowest speed and gradually increase the level as you go. For a lighter massage, if you just want to relax and get the blood moving within the muscle, we recommend the first or second speed

Point the head at the muscle staying clear of any bony and visceral structures.

Move the head along the muscle slowly. Do not rush through the massage. If you encounter an area of pain, hover around that part a little longer. To obtain the best results; place the muscle of interest in a stretched position or move it along its normal range of movement whilst massaging. Slow movements along the length of the muscle is advised. This device delivers an extremely strong percussive force and it is not advisable to use for longer than 5 – 10 minutes in a set area.



  • Massage guns can cause pain. New onset of pain usually means you are applying too much pressure, or the speed is too high. Check that you are applying just the right pressure based on what area of the body you are massaging. It is normal to have a little local tenderness the next day as it is a strong massage. It is advisable to apply heat and muscle gel (such as voltaren gel or similar) to the area after massage.
  • Avoid touching nerves. When you feel an electric shock-like pain, stop immediately.
  • Do not use a massage gun directly on bony areas, the spine, neck, fractures or wounds.
  • Only use them on muscles for complete assured safety. Otherwise consult an expert.
  • Do not use a massage gun on an area that has impaired sensation. If you feel you’re not getting precise sensorial feedback, don’t continue massaging that area. Chances are you are doing more damage than repair.
  • Do not use massage guns if you are on blood thinners (example: heparin and warfarin) prescription. 
  • Seek medical advice first before using a massage gun if you have:
    • An inflammatory disorder
    • Warfarin and heparin prescription
    • Muscle strain, varicose veins, ligament sprain, high blood pressure, and conditions affecting blood vessels like thrombosis.
  • Do not use device while on charge, this will cause strain on the battery of the device. Safety features might cause your massage gun to automatically turn off.


PEMF Infrared Mat

Treating time: 10-30 mins

Temperature setting: 30-80 degrees Celsius

Set your PEMF Mat

  • Choose a suitable surface and roll out the mat
  • Power up the device
  • Select desired duration
  • Select desired temperature
  • Lay back and relax


For beginners – 5-10 minutes sessions

For advanced users – 10-30 minutes


We advise staying on an infrared mat for no longer than 30 minutes


Compression Boots

Post-Workout Routine

Using compression boots immediately after exercise can provide significant benefits. Incorporating a session of 20-30 minutes within two hours of completing your workout can help kickstart the recovery process by flushing out metabolic by-products and reducing inflammation. This post-workout application is particularly useful for athletes aiming to minimize muscle damage and soreness


Active Recovery Days

On days dedicated to active recovery or low-impact workouts, including a session with compression boots can amplify the benefits of your training. By enhancing circulation and increasing nutrient delivery, compression boots can aid in the removal of lactic acid and promote muscle repair. Utilise compression boots for 20-30 minutes during these days to accelerate recovery and prepare your body for the upcoming challenges


Intense Training Phases

During periods of intensified training or when pushing your physical limits, increasing the frequency of compression boot sessions can be advantageous. By incorporating 2-3 sessions per day, ranging from 15-30 minutes each, you can enhance blood flow, reduce muscle stiffness and combat the cumulative effects of demanding workouts. However, it’s essential to listen to your body and ensure you’re not overtaxing your muscles or causing discomfort


Pressure range: 30-260mmHg

Treating time: 10-60 mins

Modes: 5 different modes

Battery capacity: 5200mAh

Operation: LED touch screen