PulsePro® Spartan 2.0

PulsePro Spartan 2.0 a new unique design, high strength and performance, better relax effect, high speed and battery capacity the Spartan 2.0 can shock penetrate into deep muscle groups.

Relax and recover the muscle soft tissue, decompose the muscle lactic acid generated during sporting, working and general life. Relieve soreness, pain and muscle tension. 

With pressure sensing techniques, low noise levels and the all new AI intelligent chip you cannot go wrong.

Suitable for home and office use, athletes and practitioners 


  • 6 Massage heads
  • Professional mode
  • 6 Gears 1200-3200rpm
  • Higher strength brushless motor
  • 7 hours continuous working time
  • 6 Series 24V Rechargeable Panasonic 3400mAh lithium-ion battery
  • 2 hours’ fast charge
  • Aircraft grade aluminium alloy shell design.
  • US AI intelligent chip
  • Advanced pressure sensing technology
  • 12mm Amplitude
  • Ultra quiet noise reduction 30dB
  • Nano Silica gel handle, skin friendly conformable grip